Cargo container transport

Container transport requires efficient cargo handling and transportation throughout the transport chain. Extensive technical and logistical support, introduction of the "one stop shop" principle and the provision of comprehensive services make us competitive in terms of both price and quality.

We are flexible. Our approach to non-standard customer expectations sets us apart. We specialise in the import of goods from the Far East, in particular the comprehensive service of imports from China.

In container cargo transport, we offer our customers:

  • a full range of services: container transport, general cargo services, bulk transport, general cargo and oversized cargo
  • handling of all types of cargo,
  • high timeliness of deliveries,
  • transport to all parts of the world through ports in Poland, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and the UK,
  • warehouses in the immediate vicinity of a port,
  • own port and customs service, providing direct supervision of shipments and coordination
  • network of agents and subsidiaries throughout the world,

All our customers can count on comprehensive advice, including supervision of the logistics chain
and support at every step of the way. We offer our customers cargo property insurance on very
favourable terms.